Ryan made sushi for a dinner party at my house on my 21st birthday. First and foremost, the sushi was absolutely excellent: the quality was superb, it tasted great, and everything was meticulously prepared. Ryan provided pretty much everything we needed, including plates, chopsticks etc. and the sushi kept on flowing until none of my guests could eat anymore. I would certainly recommend anyone to ...Read More

Your Sushi Chef

Making delicious sushi rolls is not just a job any more. This beautiful art of cooking has become an enjoyable passion. The first time I made sushi, I did not think I could do it or would even like it. I worked next to a Taiwanese chef and every time I watched him create sushi, I would ask myself, “Am I going to be able to make sushi like him?”  That question kept going around and around in my mind. One day I realized that not only had I become really good at it, I also enjoyed creating sushi. It is so much fun, especially at a party when there are a lot of people who enjoy the chef, the sushi, and complimenting both.

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